Lisa Page Music Studio

Teaching Online Piano, Voice, Flute & Beginning Ukulele from Brightwood, Oregon


    PIANO      *     VOICE     *     FLUTE    *    BEGINNING UKULELE

      My name is Lisa Page and I have been sharing my love of music with students of a wide variety of ages for 31 years.  Most of my students are grade school age on up through high school.  However, I often acquire adult students that are inspired to learn when they see how well their kiddos are doing with their lessons and how much fun they are having when they begin to hear the music they are creating.

Performing music has been a central part of my life from the beginning as well as sharing it with those younger than me.  I dove into as many music classes as physically possible all the way through school, served in my local church and spent 2 years as a music major in Mt. Hood Community College’s prestigious music program.

I am very active as a musician personally, which I believe is an important principle to share with my students.  I travel and perform several times a month.  I am a worship leader in my local church ministries and lead a worship ministry with my extended family (about 13 of us!) where we travel and lead worship for churches, retreats, festivals, etc.

I also play in a local band with my husband, son and friends called 26 East. We have a blast with classic rock, a little bluegrass, as well as many other genres and have been playing together for about a year. So far, we have played many local gigs and a couple of highlights were when we took First Place in the Battle of the Bands at East County’s The Bite and played in Portland for The Bite of Oregon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and come out and catch us for our next performance!

I love teaching students from all walks of life and bring to the table a great passion, a solid technical foundation and a lifetime of practical experience.  I believe that I can never run out of things to learn and that is what fuels me to keep growing as a musician and a teacher.


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