Teaching Music in Sandy and Brightwood, Oregon

Info and Pricing

  • Pricing is determined for each session. Contact Lisa for more info.
  • Taking reservations and deposits for Fall Session 2019. Returning students get first opportunity to claim their fall schedule.
  • Register by June 17th for Summertime Beginning Ukulele Group Class. Begins July 9th. Contact Lisa for more info.
  • As of May 2019, we are wrapping up our Spring Session with our annual Spring Recital on June 9th.  
  • WINTER  WEATHER:  The studio is closed if Oregon Trail School District closes.
  • Closures: any other closures are assessed separately and will be posted at the beginning of the session upon registration.
  • Custom binder is provided free of charge.  Replacements for lost or damaged binders cost $10.
  • Method books are not included in the tuition price.
  • New students can start at any time throughout a session.  Tuition is will be pro-rated.


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