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Fall 2020 Update and Registration

August 31, 2020

Hello, everyone! It is time for an update on all things happening at the studio for this 20-21 school year. There have been some interesting changes; as if we haven’t had enough of those this year. LOL.

First, since I have not been able to hold in person, indoor, lessons since early March, and I don’t have a clear picture on when that will be feasible and comfortable for the majority of my students and myself, I made the difficult decision to not renew my lease for my studio in downtown Sandy. I still feel twinges of sadness about that decision, but not so much about the building, but all of the amazing memories and relationships that have been built in that quirky little space. I just loved it. However, from a business standpoint, it makes no sense to pay for a space that I cannot use and don’t know when I’ll be able to use any time soon.

So, because we have transitioned to a strictly online format for now, it won’t matter where you are! As long as you have great internet and wifi, we can continue lessons together.

The other thing that makes me sad is that we were unable to have our spring recital- the first time in 31 years. Everyone worked so hard and it’s like the big game getting cancelled. My plan for this school year is to host a Zoom recital if it is still unsafe to have larger gatherings. I know that it’s not ideal, but if we all work together on this one, it will give our students an opportunity to shine and us the opportunity to cheer them on.

Here are as many details as I have right now for Fall Session and the rest of the school year. Keeping in mind that this is just my best guess for what comes after Fall, here is the lineup:

Fall Session:

The week of October 5th through the week of December 6th.

December 6th will be recital in some form.

The week of November 23-27 is Thanksgiving Break- No lessons

I will be booking for Tuesdays and Wednesdays to get started and will possibly open up others if those days fill up.

Weekly 1/2 hour lessons will be $240 for the 8 week session.

Weekly 1 hour lessons will be $480 for the 8 week session.

Students will be responsible for purchasing or ordering their own instructional books. I will give the info on the method books we are using. I supply project songs.

To begin with, I will be booking appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I will add more days if the schedule fills up.

Private lessons will run from 1pm with the last student starting at 4:30pm.

Returning students need to register with tuition paid in full by September 11.

New students can begin registering on September 12th and will need to schedule a Zoom meet and greet with me before locking in their weekly appointment time.

Tentative Dates:

Winter Session 2021: 10 weeks

January 11 through March 19

Spring Session 2021: 10 weeks

March 29 through June 6

I can’t wait to jump back in and help my students with their musical goals. I have missed you all so much! Contact me to claim your weekly spot.

Best Wishes,

Lisa Page



1. Internet Connection. You need a stable internet. Also, please make sure that you close all extra browser windows and programs running in the background that could potentially slow things down.


3. Lighting. Please have your space well lit so that image quality is the best we can get it. There should be some sort of light source between you and your camera. You can pick up a usb ring light for very inexpensive from Amazon. I have found that they make a huge difference!

4. Background noise. This is SUPER IMPORTANT. When you are in your own home, it’s easy to forget that it’s lesson time for the rest of your house. Please make arrangements to have quiet in your space during your lesson so that you will be able to concentrate on teaching time and I will be able to hear you accurately.

5. You will receive an email from me with the link you will use to be admitted to your lesson. I am using the Zoom platform so that no matter what device you are using, you will be able to access the lesson.

6. Home printer. During this time, it will be important to have access to a printer because I will be sending sheet music, chord charts, handouts, etc via email to students.

7. For piano students. Please set your device on something stable near your left hand when you are playing. That is where I normally sit during our in person lessons and this gives me the best view. Please position your device so that the camera can see your hands, the keys and a profile shot of your face. That allows me to not only observe your playing technique, it also helps me check on how well you are reading and following your music.

8. For all young or beginning students. Having an adult on hand will be very helpful. When I have a young student with me, I am able to serve as a “pointer” and help their eyes track their reading of the music notes. Much like we all were when we were learning to read, we would use our own fingers to point to the words we were trying to sound out, I help the students’ eyes do that as they are learning to read all over again and their own fingers are busy playing notes and holding position. This is really the only thing that I can’t help with when we are doing lessons via the internet, so this is pretty important.

9. For vocal students. You will need TWO devices. You will need the first device for the actual video conference and you will also need a secondary device that will play the accompaniment or karaoke tracks to your projects and exercises that we are using. You do not need to have a microphone but are welcome to use them if your own space is set up for that. When positioning your device for video, please position so that I can see you from the waist up when you are standing. I would like to be able to monitor your breathing and posture as well as see your sweet faces as you stand and sing.

10. For flute and ukulele students. Please ensure that I can see your face and your whole instrument as you play.

11. Being prepared for video conference. Before each lesson begins, a student should have:

• books and binder

• lesson sheet with homework assignment from the previous lesson pulled for reference

• pencil

• highlighter

Summer Ukulele Class

Outdoor Summer Ukulele Class!

Six week course for ages 12 and all the way up, beginning Tuesday, July 21 at 6pm to 7:30pm at my home studio in Brightwood.

Every student gets 2 classes in 1!

The first half of every evening will be geared for the beginning student. Teaching the fundamentals but getting right into some fun songs. The second half will be geared for intermediate students who are comfortable with the basics and ready for some songs that are just a little more challenging. All students are welcome for the whole thing- intermediate students can benefit from reviewing the basics and beginning students can be inspired by what they can do with just a little time and practice.

Cost for the 6 week class is $210. Tuition is reduced to $180 for two or more students from the same family. I supply all instruction sheets and chord charts for songs.
The class will be outside so that we can spread out and observe social distancing.

Contact me for registration details and requirements for what each student should have to participate. ALL REGISTRATIONS DUE BY JULY 15.

Plans for Summer Coming Soon.

I will be teaching a group ukulele class this summer. Outdoors at my home studio in Brightwood. I will be taking students in beginning and in intermediate levels. Ages 12 and all the way up! (The age thing is just a ball park. Shoot me a message if you have a child that would thrive in a class that is not necessarily designed for young children. Because we will be doing our best to practice safe distancing, I won’t be able to give a more hands-on approach that helps the younger kiddos.)

Spring Recital, Turning 30 and Summer Classes

Everyone has been working so hard and we are quickly approaching our Spring Recital where we will not only celebrate all of the accomplishments of my amazing students, we will be celebrating the completion of my 30th year of teaching! It’s going to be a great day.

Spring Recital 2019 will be held on June 9th at East Hill Church in Downtown Gresham at 4pm.

What’s on deck for summer, you ask? Just another thing that I’m pretty stoked about. I am offering a group ukulele class for beginners! Who doesn’t wish that they could grab their uke and play around the campfire this summer?? Well, come join us at the studio and you will get a great start and be playing in no time. The class is open to all ages so you can come solo, come with a friend or come with your kiddo and learn something new together.

We’ll meet at the Sandy Studio on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00pm. The cost is $150 for the 6 week class. You bring your uke and tuner. I’ll provide the books, the music and a great time.

Contact me for recommendations and register by June 17th.

Spring Session 2019


Christmas Recital 2018


It’s that time of year again!  Recital is at East Hill Church  701 N. Main Ave., Gresham, OR 97030 at the Office Complex.  That’s where we’ve had it in years past.  For those attending for the first time, the Office Complex sits right between the Main Building with the large auditorium and the Youth Center.

Students are to arrive at 3:45pm and we will have potluck snacks at the end.

Booking for Summer Session!

Summer is a great time to try something new or maintain the momentum of progress achieved during the school year!

9 week session starts soon on June 12th!

Spring Recital Set for June!

Spring Recital is scheduled for Sunday, June 11th at 4pm at East Hill Church in Gresham.


Sneak Peak at Christmas at the Studio!

Denali has been working so hard!  This is awesome!!

Available For Purchase in Time For Your Holiday Shopping!

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